BEING 21 ST CENTURY PRODUCTIVE MUSLIM – A successful youth event held at the BIC this weekend

Another fantastic youth event held at the BIC on Saturday 21st October 2023. A much needed topic in this era had been covered, discussed with, by Ustaad Waseem Khan MA(EDs). MA (Philosophy).

The talk and the discussion held under following topics,

  • Psychological impact of Smart Phones
  • Neuroscience and Nurochemisty addiction
  • Instant Gratification and Social validation
  • Islamic Perspective
  • Practical solutions

Above topic had been discussed in depth with the youth eagerly waited this even almost many months, after the succession of the first event held in early March 2023.

As such topics and discussions are much need these days and in dare need, as many young children and the youth in our society whom are the future, loosing every credibility to build a future with Islamic depths and principals. The event gives an opportunity, a fantastic platform for the youth to discuss openly any matter with the Ustaad, and it had been welcomed by the parents and the attendies, the youth.

BIC is looking forward to keep many future event in every year, after many parents and youth had been kept requesting following value of to have such event for the betterment of the future society.